We are lucky to have customers that value innovation and embrace the future.


Meet a few of them.

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With The School District of Palm Beach County being the 5th largest district in the state and 11th in the nation, SRG Technology is thrilled to see BlenderLearn™ implemented in their schools.  BlenderLearn™ enables the creation, sharing, and exchange of resources that support classroom instruction and delivery of high quality, technology enabled curriculum. This solution supports the district’s overall strategy to develop a reusable, high configurable, interoperable framework to manage access, distribution, and exchange of Palm Beach County’s digital curriculum catalog.

Puerto Rico’s Department of Education has teamed up with SRG Technology to make sure their schools are the very best they can be. By implementing the cutting-edge solution, BlenderLearn™, to bring their schools into the future, Puerto Rico’s DOE is discovering that the right way to use their data can make a difference. BlenderLearn™ is an innovative learning solution that meets the needs of both teachers and students, empowering schools with increased connectivity and communication, targeted professional development and individualized dashboards that keep everyone accounted for, and accountable.

Family Central Inc. (FCI) is the epicenter for comprehensive family strengthening, early learning, and training in South Florida. Nationally recognized by the Council on Accreditation and certified by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training, FCI transforms lives through its mission to promote children’s success by providing quality family support and educational services so that every child and family can succeed.  SRG Technology is proud to be a part of that by implementing BlenderLearn’s Virtual Learning Center at FCI to manage their training content and information.


Henry County Schools elected SRG Technology to help bring to life their vision of having individual learner profiles for their students, allowing personalized, targeted learning, and enriching student growth. With the individual learner profiles and parent portals that SRG Technology and BlenderLearn™ helped create, parents now feel that they are more involved with their child’s education than ever. Thanks to BlenderLearn™, Henry County is producing students that are equipped with the skills they need to be ready for challenging colleges and careers in the 21st century.

The U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Education has selected BlenderLearn™ as the delivery platform to ensure their schools rise to the top . USVI DOE is planning to use BlenderLearn™ as a tool to capture and address the ongoing data needs of the school system and the community, and is already discovering the ways in which BlenderLearn™ can ignite change. By working with SRG Technology, the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Education is taking strides towards the kind of educational excellence every school system wants, and deserves, to reach.

Massachusetts General Hospital believes in TopCare powered by Blender™. Using SRG Technology’s solutions in as many facets of their organization as possible, the SRGT team is excited to be able to work so closely with one of the giants of the American Hospital industry. Partnering with a hospital that prides itself on growth and care means that our solutions are reaching the people who need it most: the patients.


The South Dakota Department of Education selected BlenderLearn™ to serve as the delivery platform for reporting and data analysis of its Longitudinal Data System. As part of the South Dakota Student Teacher Accountability Reporting System (STARS), BlenderLearn™ is helping to drive South Dakota’s educational initiatives to improve instruction and student performance, the way it is helping schools systems across the country: with better connectivity, better accountability, better instruction, and better performance.