Dr. Adrian Zai speaks to Healthcare IT News on applying population health tactics

Adrian-ZaiDr. Adrian Zai is featured in a recent Healthcare IT News article discussing how to apply population health tactics without changing clinician workflow. Dr. Zai focuses on the team-based strategy to tackle the needs of population health and how all of the members of the team work together.


“Parsing the right path to the right role to drive the care of these patients; all of these roles work synergistically to drive the outcome performance of a patient population,” Zai explained. “People often think about population health simply as analytics – you identify who those patients are. But once you get to that point, how do you act on those patients to get to the outcomes you are trying to get? It is essentially by building that multidisciplinary care team to work together via population health IT tools. The care coordination piece of it is the team that drives the intervention.”


Read the full article here and see Dr. Zai speak at the Pop Health Forum on April 4 in Boston.


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