Nurses Week: The Millennial Spin

How millennials contribute to the field

By: BreAnne Butterworth, Marketing Manager


Choosing a career is never easy, especially for the millennial generation, which is on track to becoming the most educated, tech savvy and civic-oriented generation[1]. And when taking civics into consideration, what better career to choose than nursing.



(Left to Right: Brooke, BreAnne, Bianca)

Brooke Rodriguez and Bianca Lacey, both 26, embarked on a career with the mission to help others, not knowing nursing would be their calling. But low and behold two women from South Florida, who also happened to be childhood friends, would end up working in the same hospital giving back in a similar way.


Brooke, a Pediatric Emergency Room Nurse, started her career endeavor realizing that her desire to help others aligned well with the ever-expanding medical field. She wanted a career that would allow her to continue learning and growing every day and nursing has fulfilled that for her.


“I have always aspired to achieve more and I am beginning my masters to become a nurse practitioner,” said Brooke. “I believe that completing a graduate level degree will allow me different avenues to continue my professional growth and accomplish my personal goals.”


Bianca’s path took a few different turns before finding her way to nursing. The Recovery Room Nurse graduated from Florida State University in 2013 with her head set on attending law school. But the more she thought about it, the more her heart was not in it. She realized she wanted something that would be fulfilling and meaningful and match her strong character – and that realization drew her to nursing.


“Nursing takes a certain type of person, a certain type of personality,” Bianca said. “There’s a lot of good and a lot of bad. You have to have a strong backbone, a good sense of self, and the outward ability to stand up for what is right. It’s literally life and death.”


And both Brooke and Bianca are the certain type of person that can handle these life or death situations with their sheer determination, will and drive to help each person that comes through their doors.


Another facet that is shaping the way these two practice medicine is technology. As the “tech savvy” generation, Brooke and Bianca both acknowledge that technology has been able to enhance their ability to diagnose a patient and create a safe and meaningful experience.


Bianca shared how it helps because if she has a patient who is diabetic, she does not have to send blood to the lab, she can just check their blood sugar at their bedside and treat it as necessary. “It allows each patient to receive better-individualized care,” Brooke added.


Bianca also acknowledged that sometimes technology can be a hindrance because of how task-oriented nursing it. “We worry about charting on time and accurately more than being timely with patients needs. Monitors alarm every moment and at times, the sounds almost become background noise,” Bianca said. “I think it’s important for nurses to remember that patients aren’t pieces of technology, they are living breathing beings.”


And technology solutions like TopCare attempt to bring focus to the patient and not the task, but nurses remind us how important that mission needs to be.


With some final thoughts, Brooke and Bianca both expressed how much they love their patients and how endearing it is to see them overcome challenges. Both saying, “It’s why we do what we do.”


Brooke has realized that as a nurse you have to be resilient because for her as a Pediatric ER Nurse, you have to always be on your toes and never miss a beat. “In life or death situations you to find the balance between turning on your tough and turning on your human,” Brooke concluded.


Bianca said that while she may not remember every patient’s name, she remembers the moments she spent with patients when they overcame challenges, made tiny breakthroughs. “I always say you don’t have to be resuscitating someone back to life to change a life. It’s the small acts of just being present and listening that make the greatest impact on a person’s life,” Bianca added.


I’m proud to say I have known these two incredible women for more than 20 years. They are two of my dearest childhood friends and two of my best adult friends. And in this millennial age where we move every two minutes, I am honored that I can still call these two fearless women up and ask them to tell me about their life as a nurse and for me to honor them this nurses week.


Thank you Brooke and Bianca, and to all the nurses out there. You make me, and so many others, feel safe, cared for and more. Happy National Nurses Week!


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