SRG Technology is a proud business partner of IBM and shares IBM’s vision bringing a new level of intelligence to how the world works – how every person, business, organization, government, natural system and man-made system interacts. Each step represents a chance to do something better, more efficiently and more productively. As systems become smarter, meaningful new possibilities for progress are created, along with unprecedented opportunities for teaming and collaboration.


Massachusetts General Hospital’s Laboratory of Computer Science and SRG Technology jointly developed our premiere healthcare platform, TopCare powered by Blender™. TopCare enables continuous outcome improvement and was designed to achieve best practices and meaningful clinical transformations.


OtisEd is a leader in data management solutions and software development. Trusted by education agencies and companies, OtisEd ensures integrity by upholding the highest standards in business conduct; delivering state‐of‐the‐art integrated, scalable, extensible applications; and exceeding customer’s expectations.

Quality Assist-2

Quality Assist, Inc. is an early education company that provides innovative solutions and proven approaches to increase the knowledge, skills, resources, and resourcefulness of all adults who influence the lives, education, and well‐being of young children. With the use of our software, Blender, we have partnered with QA to develop Parentivity, a web‐based community that provides “just right” information when parents need it most. Parentivity captures parent engagement goals and actions then leverages that unique data to deliver relevant, personalized content to help parents confidently care for children from conception to age five.