Tech Team Tuesday: Kiran Jupudi

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Meet: Kiran Jupudi

VP of Product Architecture


Q: Describe your role at SRGT?

A: I represent 35-plus development team members in Hyderabad, India. As the VP of Product Architecture, I work to envision a solution that bridges technology and SRGT’s strategic vision with whatever market problem we are trying to address.


Q: What kind of projects have you been working on?

A: My focus has always been to modernize the Blender™ codebase and make it ready for all kinds of demands from the marketplace in the various verticals. Product applications such as BlenderLearn™’s Virtual Learning Center, Individual Learner Profiles and Curriculum Management System, and TopCare™ and BlenderConnect™’s project development activities have kept us busy for all of 2016.

Integrating education industry standards for data and content exchange with Blender like LTI, Common Cartridge, SCORM and xAPI has truly enhanced the platform and addresses the needs of our customer base in many ways. Web threats, or the cross-site scripting vulnerabilities, had us scratching our heads for some time, but we got past them with enhanced security measures applied throughout the products. We do a lot of R&D and POC work to stay ahead.


Q: What is the development process at SRGT? How do you contribute?

A: Each customer is unique. We ask each customer to write a problem statement: What are they looking to solve? At SRGT, we pride ourselves in blending customer expectations with our innovative solutions — which not only solve their current problems but set a path for their future growth and success using our products.

“Under the hood” we do a great deal of work to make our solutions integrate into the core product architecture and platform, which often solves similar problems other customers, or potential customers, are dealing with as well. Our process includes mixing and matching various Blender features along with personalization, custom development, enterprise integration, thorough testing, SaaS or on-premises implementation, analytics along with prompt production support. I oversee product architecture, provide solutions, analyze and set expectations across teams. I also do resource planning, project execution and ensure the timely delivery of projects.


Q: What most excites you about working at SRGT?

A: The top talent in the development team excites me to come to work every day and brainstorm with them. The unparalleled support I get from COO Candace Hartsell and CEO Neil Sterling keeps me sane.


Q: What do you envision for the future at SRGT?

A: With a very strong product line, a very strong development team and very strong board members, the future is obvious — more products and more happy customers. Also, I envision SRGT venturing into the public domain, offering PaaS and SaaS solutions to the world of education. Products targeted towards empowering teachers, students and parents directly will expand the horizons from both business and innovation perspectives. Enterprise solutions that we cater to currently can be continuously enhanced with the feedback we get from the public domain.


Q: What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

A: Reading. I recently got hooked on Robin Sharma’s books on spirituality, like “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.” And I just recently finished reading “Superintelligence” by Nick Bostrom.


Q: What would be your superhero power?

A: My power would be to travel to the planet Mercury and come back in a snap, that way I get 1380 extra hours a day!!


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