Tech Team Tuesday: Terri Hamilton


METerri March 2017ET:

Terri Hamilton

Quality Assurance Manager


 Q: Describe your role at SRGT?

A: As a Quality Assurance Manager, I report to the Senior Vice President of Technology, Meg Aranow. It is my responsibility to ensure quality products are delivered to our clients. In order to do this I must work with each team during all phases of the software development lifecycle to understand the client requirements and timelines so I can accurately perform hands-on testing, log and track defects, and collaborate with the Design Team, Developers, Database Team, Project Managers, Architects, Trainers and VP’s until the code is production ready and delivered.


Q: What kind of projects have you been working on?

A: I have been working on various projects for various verticals. In Healthcare, I have been testing various types of patient rosters. In education, I have been testing different educational solutions, such as our Individual Learning Profiles (ILPs), where teaching and learning communities have access to the right tools and information in order to ensure the success of the students, parents, teachers and other members with complete transparency and collaboration as one big team. With the ILPs, for example, the students are put in the driver seat and are kept accountable for their educational success while ensuring they have a good support team behind them at all times. This solution brings the teachers and students into the same place and bridges the gap so the teachers know what makes each student tick and how each student learns and enables the teachers to customize or individualize each student’s learning. For BlenderConnect, I have been testing Parentivity, which is fun because it connects users, with family-oriented educational content, and tools such as fun filled videos, child development milestones, pregnancy tracking features, friends and family invitation and sharing features, challenges, dashboards, reports, articles and many more fun and exciting resources.


Q: What is the development process at SRGT? How do you contribute?

A: Our current development process is a modified Iterative Development Process, which consists of the following lifecycle:


Project Engagement > Requirements > Design > Development > Testing > Project Implementation


Project Engagement starts with reviewing backlog items, and/or speaking with the customer to gather requirements and or user stories from which a Design Specification may be written, reviewed and approved.  Timeline estimates will be given from Design, Development and Testing resources.  Once accepted, the project will be scheduled and when the time comes design and development will begin.  During the development phase as the code for the requirements are completed, it will be unit tested on each developers’ local machine and then checked in and compiled together to create a potential build.  A build request will be sent out and the build will be placed in the MainINT and MainTST environments where the Hyderabad Quality Assurance team will perform in-depth testing, log defects, assign the defects to the appropriate developers to fix and then back to test in a new build.  This process will keep looping until all requirements have been completed and all bugs have been dealt with, either by fixing them or putting them in the backlog for a future release.  Next, the Marietta Quality Assurance team will execute a final round of testing and deal with any outstanding defects to ensure a quality product is being delivered.  When the code is production ready, a build request will be sent and the build will go to the Staging and UAT environments where smoke testing will take place to ensure everything is still stable.  If the code is stable, Client UAT testing can begin at their convenience and once the client gives their approval, the code is moved into Production.


I am monitoring the process and assisting every step of the way, and not just for one brand at a time, but for multiple brands running in parallel to each other, but having very different development efforts, technology and timelines for different clients.  I really do have the best job!


Q: What most excites you about working at SRGT?

A: What excites me most about working at SRGT is that I get to come to work every day and be with the best people, working on the best products in the marketplace for the best company.


Q: What do you envision for the future at SRGT?

A: I envision the future of SRGT’s products to be in high demand and very lucrative which will ensure a great bottom line and success for the company.  I envision my future with SRGT to be in the area of VP or Director of Quality Assurance.


Q: What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

A: My favorite thing to do outside of work is to watch my girls scratch and peck.  Oh yes… my girls are my 5 hens.  Yes, chickens!!  I know what you are thinking but it is so much fun to watch them.  They actually have the funniest personalities and when they run it is so hilarious, they look like little people trying to run with their arms tied to their sides.


Q: What would be your superhero power?

A: My superhero power would be to blink things into existence or completion.  I don’t know if that is a superhero power, but yes, I would be a Genie so SRGT’s wishes are just a blink away.


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  • Charlton Slaughter

    I call Terri my sister from another Mr. Terri is the gate keeper to successful launches for all of our products and keeps everyone on task. Its a pleasure to with work you.

    May 19, 2017 at 8:37 am

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