Blender and Blades Only

User Friendly
- People like using Blender™.
The Blender™ user interface
is clean and configurable

Role Based
- Users only see what applies to
them creating a more secure
and streamlined system.

Configurable Dashboards
- Dashboards can be arranged for
optimal use based on personal preference.
- Features and functions can be turned
on or off depending on the need.

Content Agnostic
- Blender™ is designed to work
with other technology systems and
content providers.

Single Sign-On
- BlenderTM can unite multiple
systems for users through single
sign-on allowing users to
seamlessly move from system
to system.

Customer Defined Data
Points and Metrics

- Blender™ is configured with
customer – defined data points
and metrics to drive the desired
outcomes and fuel a continuous
cycle of improvement.