Charlton Slaughter Promoted to SRG Technology’s Director of Creative Services

Slaughter’s creativity and leadership skills drive promotion


SRG Technology (SRGT), developer of Blender™ software, announced Tuesday that Charlton Slaughter was promoted from Design Team Manager to Director of Creative Services. Slaughter has been with SRGT since 2013 and has consistently demonstrated his work ethic, creativity, and leadership of the design teams in both the Atlanta and Hyderabad offices.


IMG_3305 (1)“I’ve been lucky to work as part of a great team of designers and developers who collaborate to design the user interface for all of our Blender™ products,” said Slaughter. “It’s really exciting.”


Slaughter came to SRGT with a solid background in web development and design. “Redesigning the user interface is an ever-changing, ever-expanding project,” said Slaughter. ”The great thing about working at SRGT is that the work keeps growing and expanding. Things change so quickly in the tech and design world — we are always busy reworking and redesigning to keep our products current and user-friendly. For example, I am excited about the chatbot software we are developing, as well as our mobile technology.”


“This new title more appropriately reflects the influence that Charlton has had on our product offerings and the value he brings to the company,” said Meg Aranow, Senior Vice President of Technology.


In the coming months, Slaughter will drive our process and design changes to update the User Interface for our current Education customers and expand into the new travel market. Under his direction, SRGT will move to support and optimize the inclusion of data visualization, social media integration, and mobility.


“Under Charlton’s direction, we will move to support and optimize the inclusion of data visualization, social media integration, and mobility,” said Aranow.  “And, as always, Charlton will be in charge of ensuring our existing products get the attention and updates they require to align to the latest trends in visual appeal and function.”


Aranow added, “He is really an asset to the company, and this promotion is well-deserved.”


About SRG Technology

Founded in 2007, SRG Technology developed Blender™ — a suite of cutting-edge software solutions designed to drive performance improvements through enhanced data collection and analysis; personalized recommendations; and the creation of individualized action plans. SRG Technology is focused on elevating performance, increasing productivity and ultimately improving end-user outcomes in education with BlenderLearn™, healthcare with TopCare powered by Blender™, geo-positional security with BlenderRM™, and consumer engagement and outreach with BlenderConnect™. SRGT is poised to set the benchmark for innovative, disruptive technology solutions that elevate performance, increase productivity, and make a difference in our daily lives.

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