Know Your Numbers, World Hypertension Day

SRG Technology honors World Hypertension Day by urging yearly screenings.


world hypertension dayThe World Hypertension League (WHL) heightens awareness to the increasing problem of hypertension each year on World Hypertension Day, May 17. World Hypertension Day is meant to encourage people to take charge of their own health by getting the facts about their blood pressure.


This year’s theme is “Know Your Numbers,” which refers to “owning the facts” and the importance of getting a blood pressure test at least once a year. It is essential to ensure blood pressure is within the healthy range and address any issues that may be causing blood pressure to be outside of the healthy range.


The WHL’s goal for this World Hypertension Day is to have 1 million people screened for blood pressure. They are urging hospitals and clinics to get on board with this initiative by encouraging blood pressure screenings and increasing the management of patients at high risk for hypertension.


What is Hypertension?


Hypertension is the condition of having high blood pressure, which is caused by the long-term force of blood against artery walls becoming pressurized enough that it eventually wears down the arteries, which creates health problems like heart disease.


“Blood pressure is determined both by the amount of blood your heart pumps and the amount of resistance to blood flow in your arteries. The more blood your heart pumps and the narrower your arteries, the higher your blood pressure.” In other words, when people get build-up in their arteries, caused by factors such as genetics, smoking, poor diet or lack of exercise, the arteries narrow and make it harder for the blood to pass through. The heart then has to work that much harder to pump the blood, creating wear and tear on the heart and arteries, all which can lead to heart attack and stroke if not monitored and treated.


Why is it important to Get Screened?


Getting annual blood pressure screenings helps to stop problems before they start. For example, if a patient has blood pressure borderline high, the patient’s diet and exercise can be changed and moderated to possibly lower and prevent blood pressure from becoming high. If a patient has high blood pressure, yearly screenings allow providers to assess the patient’s medication needs; adjust dosages or try new medications; recommend better diet and exercise choices and hopefully, allow the patient to live a longer, healthier life.


Chronic conditions such as hypertension come with high costs to patients and providers. Yearly screenings can reduce costs and save lives. TopCare, jointly developed by SRG Technology and Massachusetts General Hospital’s Laboratory of Computer Science, is a population health management system that effectively lowers costs by managing high-risk patients through precise patient registries which organize and flag, patients in need of screenings such as hypertension and diabetes. This is just one example of how TopCare is improving patient outcomes and decreasing costs. To learn more about TopCare, go to


To learn more about being part of World Hypertension Day, go to



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