Peer-Reviewed Articles

November 2016

Can text messages improve attendance to primary care
appointments in underserved populations?

July 2016

Patient navigation for comprehensive cancer screening in
high-risk patients using population-based health information
technology system.

December 2015

Health IT-Assisted Population-Based Preventive Cancer
Screening: A Cost Analysis.

August 2015

A Population Health Management System For Improving
Colorectal Cancer Screening in a Primary Care Setting

February 2015

Building Equity Improvement into Quality Improvement:
Reducing Socioeconomic Disparities in Colorectal Cancer
Screening as Part of Population Health Management.

November 2014

Development and Implementation of a Real-Time 30-Day
Readmission Predictive Model.

July – August 2014

Queuing Theory to Guide the Implementation of a Heart
Failure Inpatient Registry Program.

July 2014

The longitudinal impact of patient navigation on equity in
colorectal cancer screening in a large primary care network.

April 2014

Non-visit-based cancer screening using a novel population
management system.

February 2014

Applying Operations Research to Optimize a Novel Population
Management System for Cancer Screening.

November 2013

Decreasing disparities in breast cancer screening in
refugee women using culturally tailored patient navigation.

January 2013

Assessing hospital readmission risk factors in heart failure
patients enrolled in a telemonitoring program.

December 2012

Population-based breast cancer screening in a primary
care network.

February 2012

Efficacy and cost-effectiveness of an automated screening
algorithm in an inpatient clinical trial.

January 2011

Lessons from implementing a combined workflow-informatics
system for diabetes management.

January 2011

Linking electronic health record-extracted psychosocial data
in real-time to risk of readmission for heart failure.