Shilpa Parihar Hired as SRG Technology’s Quality Assurance Analyst

Parihar brings experience and work ethic to challenging position


Atlanta, GA — January 23, 2018 — SRG Technology (SRGT), developer of Blender™ software, announced Tuesday that Shilpa Parihar has been hired as its new Quality Assurance Analyst.


Parihar will be responsible for the functional testing of newly developed applications to ensure that the new development meets the specified business and functional requirements.


Shilpa“Shilpa has been doing an exceptional job since she joined us. Not only in ensuring that functional requirements are being met, but also making sure the requirements documentation is complete before it gets sent to development,” said Mark Turner, CISO / VP of Infrastructure. “She is extremely talented, and I know that she will bring great ideas and testing process improvements to SRGT.”


“SRGT is a fast growing company with great opportunities for an individual to grow. While doing my job search, I was looking for a company that would challenge me and require working on multiple projects—and SRGT fit the bill,” said Parihar


Before joining SRGT, Parihar worked for Parkingsoft, LLC, in Atlanta. She received her Bachelors of Engineering in Electronics & Communications from RGPV University in India.


“I really like the work atmosphere at SRGT and I am quite excited to work in this congenial environment. Everyone works as a team and takes equal pride in the work for the company,” said Parihar. “I look forward to being a part of a culture that is courteous and caring. Walking into the office and being surrounded by the wonderful colleagues of SRGT makes for an enjoyable work experience.”


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About SRG Technology

Founded in 2007, SRG Technology developed Blender™ — a suite of cutting-edge software solutions designed to drive performance improvements through enhanced data collection and analysis; personalized recommendations; and the creation of individualized action plans. SRG Technology is focused on elevating performance, increasing productivity and ultimately improving end-user outcomes in education with BlenderLearn™, healthcare with TopCare powered by Blender™, geo-positional security with BlenderRM™, and consumer engagement and outreach with BlenderConnect™. SRGT is poised to set the benchmark for innovative, disruptive technology solutions that elevate performance, increase productivity, and make a difference in our daily lives.

  • Tammy Reese

    Shilpa…. you have made an awesome addition to our Technology team. I know I speak for everyone we, are blessed to have you on the team.

    January 23, 2018 at 4:59 pm
  • Ramendra chauhan

    Good keep it up

    January 31, 2018 at 12:57 am

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