Personalizing Teaching and Learning

BlenderLearn is an ecosystem of innovative applications

designed to drive students, teacher and school improvements

by facilitating and promoting personalized learning.

Blending multiple information sources into a single point of

access, BlenderLearn empowers learning communities to

reach their fullest potential.

BlenderLearn can assemble a 360-degree view of each student

by including learning styles, attendance, behavior, test scores,

climate and social patterns.

BlenderLearn can connect teachers, administrators, parents and

students with the right information, at the right time to inform

better decision-making for appropriate interventions and continuous improvement.

Why BlenderLearn?


The Applications support a strategic, phased approach to implementation; allowing priority needs to be met first while building toward a better future.


BlenderLearn fully integrates with your existing technology and applications.

+Configurable Framework

BlenderLearn is easily scalable and adaptable to your changing needs and platform administrators can configure as people or priorities change.

+Personalized Dashboards

For each user to conveniently access individually relevant information, BlenderLearn provides action plans and progress reports in one location.

+Single Sign-On

So users can save time by entering login credentials once and access all role appropriate sites and technology.

+Easy to Use

End users and platform administrators will find BlenderLearn easy to start up and even easier to use. You’ll love using this site.

+Secure System

With multi-phased authentication; FERPA and HIPAA compliant data centers; as well as compliance with other industry aligned privacy regulations.

+Data Driven

To support better decision making and facilitate a cycle of continuous improvement.


See what our clients have to say:

“We use the Individual Learner Profiles application BlenderLearn. There is not another product out there that does what it does and what we want it to do. The data integration pieces that it has and how it uses data have taken us to another level, which has been very exciting for us at Henry County Schools.”

– Karen Perry, Special Projects Coordinator at Henry County Schools

“In the School District of Palm Beach County, we strive to provide easy access to the highest quality ‘Standards Based Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum’. We use Blender as a seamless and web-based organizer that’s designed to be a course and user specific ‘one-stop shop’ of instructional references and digital curriculum resources. Blender allows us to strategically support and coach all of our teachers to effectively establish objectives, plan, instruct, analyze and reflect to adjust to meet the academic needs of every student.”
– Jonathan Decker, Technology Program Specialist, School District of Palm Beach County

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