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BlenderRM™ is a global, geo-positional Risk Management solution that collects vast amounts of data; analyzes it; then filters and organizes it into meaningful, timely and relevant alerts and information to better align, avoid and manage risks.



BlenderRM™ mines, tracks and monitors data for the following risks: weather; travel; road and navigation hazards; medical epidemics and emergencies; civil unrest; and port and terminal information.




BlenderRM not only saves users time by eliminating the need to determine the relevancy of excessive data from diverse sources, but more importantly, prioritizes the most relevant information based on their geo-location and routing.




BlenderRM delivers alerts and information based on user profiles and geo-location via individual and administrative dashboards.  For End Users, the dashboard displays provide efficient, single point access to essential, risk-mitigating information.  For Administrators, dashboard information provides real-time accountability and oversight.


BlenderRM  is putting this capability to use to drive results for the travel and transportation industry.

  • Gives Users near real-time information at their fingertips
  • Enables precise and efficient vehicle, vessel and fleet risk management
  • Manages appropriate user specific protocols and compliance triggered by encountered risks

  • 24×7 technical and risk management support for user

  • Direct communications channel from users to BlenderRM 24×7 Support Center using secure encryption and double authentication to maintain user privacy and anonymity
  • Captures and circulates relevant user-sourced risk and threat information to users based on their geo-location

  • Aggregates risks and threats from data and identifies and locates them based on the user’s dashboard map
  • Risk from around the globe are all identified in one place on the user’s dashboard


  • BlenderRM actively monitors risks in near real-time to alert users to risks based on the user’s geo-positional proximity to the threat

  • Consolidates user-specified protocols and procedures to support user response to risk (includes requirements from regulatory agencies, insurance companies and others)
  • Gives users, management and organizations access to the same information at the same time for more consistent and effective risk management operation

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