SRG Technology to Sponsor the School District of Palm Beach County’s Elementary Curriculum Rally

BlenderLearn to be Featured at the School District of Palm Beach County’s Conference to Help Teachers “Start Strong”


Palm Beach, FL — August 10, 2017 — SRG Technology announces that it will be a “Gold Sponsor” at The School District of Palm Beach County’s First Annual Curriculum Conference August 10.


investor_BLJonathan Decker, the Technology Program Specialist for the School District of Palm Beach County Educational Technology, will be training teachers to use BlenderLearn™ Instructional Content Management System (ICMS) at the conference.


“This event is part of larger scale initiative to increase awareness and share the successes of Blender™ [BlenderLearn ICMS] in Palm Beach County Schools. The session I am leading, titled Blender/Textbook Basic Info, will provide the basic access and navigation information necessary to begin the process of using BlenderLearn ICMS as a top-notch educational resource,” said Decker. “There are 3 consecutive opportunities to take the session, which begin at noon and run until 3 p.m.”


The School District of Palm Beach County uses BlenderLearn ICMS, SRG Technology’s education solution application, as its District Supported Content repository. BlenderLearn CMS contains instructional resources and guidance for all core courses while also supporting many other electives and initiatives.


“As a comprehensive, easy-to-use Instructional Content Management System, BlenderLearn ICMS enables teachers to create and exchange resources that support classroom instruction and high quality, technology-enabled curriculum,” said SRG Technology’s Chief Academic Officer Gail Pierson. “It has been an invaluable tool for the School District of Palm Beach County as a way to develop a framework to manage their extensive digital curriculum catalog, and it has been very successful.”


The School District of Palm Beach County recognizes that a district-wide approach is the answer to ensuring that improvements take place on a large scale.


“Since BlenderLearn ICMS plays an integral role for our curriculum teams and is a valuable resource for all of our teachers, there are multiple training opportunities for all,” said Decker. “From our TeacherFest, which is specifically for our new teachers, to a host of content specific preschool events, and at our annual Technology Conference, we work hard to keep all of our stakeholders informed and supported.”


“At the upcoming “Curriculum Rally Conference”, participants will learn how BlenderLearn CMS can meet their classroom needs and support all learners,” continued Decker. “The software empowers teachers to find, use and track the success of aligned and digitally rich curriculum, accelerates student learning, and improves overall school and district-wide performances.”


The conference will take place from 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. at the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Boca Raton Campus. The event, which is designed for the School District’s PreK-5 teachers, will offer training, opportunities to collaborate with peers, and booths with innovative vendors to help teachers “increase their knowledge, refine their pedagogy” and expose them to resources that can ensure they start the school year armed with the latest and best tools for a successful year.


About SRG Technology


Founded in 2007, SRG Technology developed Blender™ — a suite of cutting-edge software solutions designed to drive performance improvements through enhanced data collection and analysis; personalized recommendations; and the creation of individualized action plans. SRG Technology is focused on elevating performance, increasing productivity and ultimately improving end-user outcomes in education with BlenderLearn™, healthcare with TopCare powered by Blender™, geo-positional security with BlenderRM™, and consumer engagement and outreach with BlenderConnect™. SRGT is poised to set the benchmark for innovative, disruptive technology solutions that elevate performance, increase productivity, and make a difference in our daily lives.


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