In 2007, Neil Sterling founded SRG Technology to address a void in the education marketplace – the desperate need for technology to effectively use the abundance of available data to ignite action and drive meaningful improvement.

A few years later, Blender™ was developed.

Innovation Meets Integrity

Blender is the underlying technology platform for all of SRG Technology’s solutions in education, healthcare, maritime security, and early childhood education and engagement.

As a software application suite, Blender is designed to drive meaningful performance through enhanced data collection and analysis; individually-relevant recommendations and personalized action plans. 

Built with flexible and configurable framework, Blender can fit the needs of any organization today and easily adapt and scale to meet their growing needs for the future.

Blender breaks the Rules…
in a good way

User Friendly: People like using Blender.
The user interface is clean, configurable and
easy to navigate. (Finally!)

Role-Based: Users only see what applies to
them – which is great for security, but also is
good so as to not overload users with information that
isn’t relevant to them. (Makes sense.)

Individually Relevant Dashboards:
Dashboard views can be configured
for optimal use based on personal
preference. Features can be turned
on or off depending on need. (You’ll
like it!)

Content Friendly: Blender works
with an unlimited array of content
providers. (It is the right thing to do.)

Works with what you’ve got: Already
invested in some technology you like?
No problem. Blender is designed to work
seamlessly with other technology systems
and software. (Cool, huh?)

Single Sign-on: Not only does Blender
work seamless with other systems and
software, but so can Blender Users. No
more wasting time and forgetting
multiple passwords. (Phew!)